SPECIAL MESSAGE: At this time, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current omicron variant, the filmmaker and lawyer storytellers are not participating in any in-person screenings or discussions at this time. We can only participate in limited virtual/online screenings and events. Once things are safer, we will absolutely consider in-person events. We hope to be able to do so this spring or summer. We will wait and see as things develop and more information and advisement are provided.

If you would like to host a documentary event and/or screening, please contact us. Our filmmaker and cast members are willing to participate in events at colleges and universities, law schools, conferences, libraries, museums, and community groups.

If you book, we will prove a streaming link.

There is a licensing fee to screen the documentary.

There is a variable fee for our filmmaker and cast members participating as speakers.

Filmmaker/Producer Evangeline M. Mitchell speaking to pre-law students.