Purchase Streaming License


If you are interested in streaming Becoming Black Lawyers, we do have available 30-day streaming licenses for a one-time screening for internal use or special private screening events. Public screening licenses are not yet available.

Type of Institution Internal Use

For audiences up to 100. The price goes up $100 for every 100 people above this number.
Public Screening 

For audiences up to 100. The price goes up $100 for every 100 people above this number.
K-12 Schools $179
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$279 (currently unavailable)
Public Libraries $279
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$379 (currently unavailable)
Colleges and Universities $379
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$479 (currently unavailable)
Law Schools and Non-Profit Organizations $479
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$579 (currently unavailable)
Corporations/For-Profit Entities $579
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$679 (currently unavailable)

*Price includes a downloadable pitch deck, discussion guide, song lyrics, movie posters, and transcript.




  1. This license is for internal useand for educational purposes only.
  2. Once you purchase the 30-day streaming license, we will email you the streaming link and password to access the film from VIMEO. The 30-day access will begin at the time of purchase, or once the link is sent and received – whichever is later. However, if you would prefer to purchase the license now, but you would like for your 30-day access to begin at a later date, then please specify the exact date you would like to receive the link and have the license officially begin.
  3. The link will be active/live for 30 days only.
  4. This license is for one internal event. You may not host multiple events under this license. You will need a separate license for every separate event that your organization hosts. We are not granting public screening licenses to organizations at this time. You may only host a special internal private screening that is not open to the public.
  5. This license is for up to 100 people. There is a fee of $100 for every additional 100 people – which cannot be prorated per person.
  6. The total number of viewers allowed under this internal use license includes both those who access the link directly as an individual, as well as those who might watch the film via screen share on Zoom or a similar platform.
  7. If another organization has been invited to participate in the viewing that you have arranged, please inform us of the name of the organization and the number of expected viewers. There is an additional fee of $100 for each additional organization participating.
  8. You may stream the VIMEO link through Zoom via screen share. You may elect to be provided with a version of the film either with or without closed captioning.
  9. In some instances, either Zoom or your internet connection could reduce the quality of the film. Relentless Visionary Films, LLC has uploaded a high-quality version of the film and is unable to control this reduction of quality through third-party screen sharing. If this is the case, it is our recommendation that you share the provided VIMEO link with your attendees so that they are able to watch the film on their own devices.
  10. The content of the video may not be altered or edited in any manner, or copied in any other format.
  11. Digitized material is for synchronous (live) or asynchronous streaming (multiple user, video-on-demand format) only.
  12. This license does not enable the license holder to enable users the ability to download the film.
  13. This license is not for public screenings and is intendedfor non-paying audiences only.The content may not be used for any purpose not outlined in this agreement.
  14. RELENTLESS VISIONARY FILMS LLC’s film and video content is protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, (except for on-site closed circuit), loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others or use for any commercial purposes (i.e., charging admission) is strictly prohibited without express written permission from RELENTLESS VISIONARY FILMS LLC.